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Potions and Lotions

We have a new and exciting role play area in Giraffe class and it links to our Term 2 topic – Muck, Mess and Mixtures. Here is our Potions Shop, complete with bottles of “Black Cats’ Hiss”, “Mermaid Tears” and “Hoot of Owl”. It looks like a couple of disgusting ingredients have got loose! CanContinue reading “Potions and Lotions”

Hot chocolate and hard maths

Giraffes saw they had a surprise planned for them this morning when they came into class today. We had planned a cinema style event for the children and provided them with hot chocolate and The Gruffalo on the “big screen” during English. Mrs Simone and I agreed that the children have worked so incredibly hardContinue reading “Hot chocolate and hard maths”

Column addition

Giraffes learnt how to add two 2-digit numbers today when we explained how column addition works. We used all our knowledge about place value (ones and tens) and how to write one digit in each box in our maths books to set out the sums and solve them. Today we only added numbers that didn’tContinue reading “Column addition”

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